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Madrigal announces positive top line results for phase 3 resmetirom study. If resmetirom comes to market it will be the first therapeutic for NASH (Nonalcohol steatohepatitis disease).


Publication with Nura Bio on neuroprotective adduct-forming SARM1 inhibitors


Publication with NodThera Ltd Discovery and optimization of triazolopyrimidinone derivatives as selective NLRP3 inflamasome inhibitors


Gilead and ViiV announce $1.25 billion settlement of their patent litigation over biktarvy and dolutegravir.


Kate Holloway, Principal Scientist at Gfree Bio, is awarded the ACS computers in chemistry and pharmaceutical research award


Compounds that interact with the RAS superfamily for the treatment of cancers, inflammatory diseases, rasopathies, and fibrotic disease. United States Patent, US11,026,930


The 4th Drug Discovery Re-Invented conference was held on February 12, 2019.


Gfree Bio presented at the Chemical Computing Group North American UGM


Method of synthesizing thyroid hormone analogs and polymorphs thereof. United States Patent, US 9,968,612 (Resmetirom). C. Reynolds of Gfree Bio is a coinventor.


See highlighted papers in the recent issue of ACS Medicinal Chemistry Letters


Gfree Bio recently published an article titled Group Additivity in Ligand Binding Affinity: An Alternative Approach to Ligand Efficiency


Kate Holloway received a Heroes of Chemistry award from the American Chemical Society to recognize the Merck team who invented ZEPATIER®, a significant new treatment for chronic Hepatitis C Virus infection. To see a short video about this discovery, click here. For more information on the Heroes of Chemistry award, click here.


Gfree Bio has been awarded an NIH Phase I STTR grant from NIGMS for a program titled: Polar samplng and optimization of protein-ligand cocrystal structures. Dr. Charles H. Reynolds, Founder of Gfree Bio, is Principal Investigator.


Gfree Bio to present at the CCG UGM in June.


Gfree Bio collaborator Nirvana Sciences has been awarded Phase II NIH SBIR grant.


Gfree Bio founder presented at the ACS National meeting in San Diego at the Computers in Chemistry MPPG session.


Gfree Bio collaborator OptiKira awarded two NIH Grants.


The third Drug Discovery Reinvented Conference has been announced for February 21, 2017 in Cancun, Mexico.


Ligand efficiency metrics: Why all the fuss?


Gfree Bio was recently profiled by the Kauffman Foundation.


The second Drug Discovery Reinvented Conference is scheduled for August of 2015.


European patent published for collaborative work with Madrigal Pharmaceuticals. D. Keith Hester, Robert J. Duguid, Martha Kelly, Anna Chasnoff, Gang Dong, Edwin L. Crow, Rebecca Taub, Charles H. Reynolds, Duk Soon Choi, Lianhe Shu, Ping Wang Method of synthesizing thyroid hormone analogs and polymorphs thereof, Madrigal Pharmaceuticals, Inc., F. Hoffmann-La Roche Ltd., PCT/US2013/060177, Mar 20, 2014.


Gfree Bio is collaborating with OptiKira to develop new therapeutics to prevent cell death. OptiKira is a BioMotiv company.


The Vibrant Philly Biotech Scene: Focus on Computer-aided Drug Design and Gfree Bio, LLC.


NIH Phase II SBIR awarded to Phelix Therapeutics for development of pan-coronavirus inhibitors. Gfree Bio is collaborating with Phelix on this program.